Retail Theft in Australia

Important to develop loss prevention strategies

According to the Australian Retailers Association, retail theft forms part of the largest crime category in Australia, costing the retail sector more than $7.5 billion each year (Source: Australian Retailers Association website Retailers face ever increasing challenges and losses due to theft (external and internal). This loss can substantially affect profitability, both from shrinkage and from lost sales as customers cannot interact with the merchandise that was on display.

Popular consumer electronics products such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, iPads, Laptops and Digital Cameras are targeted by shoplifters due to their high-value. In fact, products that are both high value and popular items are at risk of being stolen.

It is important to develop strategies to help reduce the loss due to theft and it is what we are passionate about helping you do.

We work with you to develop solutions that suit your requirements in order to help reduce theft.

Shoplifting contributing to shrinkage

Shoplifting is a major problem for retailers. Having your merchandise displayed beautifully so as to attract customers and encourage them to buy is an excellent strategy to increase sales. But, there is a risk involved doing this. One major risk is that posed by shoplifting. If your openly displayed merchandise is stolen then you not only have an ’empty’ or incomplete display unit, but the potential for sales of the stolen item can decrease, as it is not openly on display enticing customers to purchase.

Making use of anti theft products that allow you to openly display your merchandise securely is an excellent complement to your overall loss prevention strategy. Popular merchandise, which you would really want to display, is also the merchandise popular for theft. For example, mobile phones are very popular. They are small in size but are valuable.

Our team are experts in this area and look forward to discussing how our products, strategies and solutions can work with your objectives to achieve your goals.