Easy to use line alarms and protection for new Hybrid laptops.

Choose from the variety of solutions or let our friendly team know what laptops you need to protect and we will present solutions for you.

Present your Laptops and Notebooks securely. We offer laptop retail security anti theft display devices to help reduce shoplifting. Alarms and physical cable devices for professional security displays so you can display your laptops, notebooks and the new hybrid computers with confidence. Choose from an alarm option or a robust physical tethering solution. Different security options will suit different display environments and purposes. Ideal for retail, trade shows, exhibitions, pop up displays and conferences.

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Laptop Security

2 Port Alarm module with sensors and power supply.


HNK103 - Laptop / Tablet Alarm Display (protect 12 devices) Pack


Laptop Combination Security Cable Lock - SKA9009C


Laptop Mechanical Lock - PR9000


Security Kit - Cable Lock Box Security - SK189BD


Security Kit - Laptop/Tablet Combination Security Cable Lock - SKA9009CK


Security Kit Accessories - Extra Cable Set for Cable Lock Box Security (SK189BD)