About Us

Retail Theft Control is a leading provider of anti-theft devices and loss prevention solutions. We are proud to offer anti theft devices to help reduce shoplifting for Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Clothing, Liquor, Hardware, Pharmacies, Department stores, Specialty stores and all retailers.

We provide Products, Solutions and Strategies that help you...

Increase Sales and Reduce Shoplifting


Through our expertise, we offer loss prevention solutions for a variety of retail industries. Our products help to secure your merchandise including mobile phones, laptops, tablet devices, liquor, cosmetics and more.

We work hard to be the premier supplier of retail merchandise security solutions and work with some of the biggest names in retail in Australia.

Trust the team with over 30 years experience in providing solutions to help reduce shoplifting.

We look forward to working with you and providing our professional services for you on your retail and loss prevention projects.

Our company is based in metropolitan Sydney, Australia and we ship Australia wide.

It is our passion to work closely with Retailers to develop optimal solutions for your project. We understand the importance of your display being the best it can be in order to maximise sales and remain competitive in the retail world.

Providing you with the best service and products in the retail merchandise security industry is what we do. For assistance, customised solutions and to discuss your stores merchandise security requirements, contact our team on T: 02 9450 0166.

Retail Theft Control
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ABN:  15 108 936 312

Email: info@rtc.com.au

Phone:  (02) 9450 0166