Vampire Grip – Extremely high security

by Retail Theft Control on May 18, 2015

Shoplifting of smartphones and tablets is a major concern. To combat this, we are proud to offer the Vampire Grip for high risk theft areas and also ideal for kiosks. Vampire Grip is a superior mechanical security device for displaying live mobile phones and tablets.

Utilising forged steel construction in the design helps to prevent cut and run theft. This product has been engineered for zero theft and is adjustable to fit most smartphones and tablets on the market.Uniquely, the Vampire Grip has a Quick Release System, making it easy for re-merchandising and quick night time pack up. Being able to remove phones and tablets off display at night is ideal if you have a glass store frontage or kiosk in a shopping centre.

Vampire Grip is the toughest security in the industry and gives you confidence when displaying the latest smartphones and tablets.You can find out more by getting in touch with our team.