Security Hook Tags - Anti theft devices for your existing shelf hooks

by Retail Theft Control on February 01, 2021

A security solution as well as a visual merchandising enhancement – Secure the merchandise on your retail shelf hooks!

Todays retail environment demands quality display solutions that also secure merchandise. Displaying products on retail shelf hooks is a popular merchandising technique.

Securing your exiting hooks with anti theft security tags provide the additional benefit of keeping your displays looking smart and beautiful. Anti theft retail store security display hook tags are useful for this. Have confidence that your hang-sell merchandise is always on hooks (not on the floor looking messy – or worse, in the pocket of a thief).

Now you can enhance visual merchandising with neat and tidy displays that are secure. This frees up your staff’s time from tidying up displays and allows them to engage meaningfully with customers allowing sales a greater chance of increasing.

Speak with our professional team today about securing your hang-sell merchandise with security hooks that also allows you to retain your high standards of visual merchandising.

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