Se-Kure Controls 50th Anniversary

by Retail Theft Control on June 04, 2015

RTC’s Jim Cavanagh presents Roger Leydon, President of Se-Kure Controls, with a congratulatory gift for achieving 50 years of success.

New trends and developments are discussed at a meeting of some of Se-Kure Controls global distributors.

Se-Kure Control’s Roger Leydon presents RTC’s Jim Cavanagh with an award for being a distributor for the most amount of time.


Se-Kure Controls, our manufacturer, has been manufacturing and distributing industry leading anti shoplifting products and devices for 50 years. With factories based in the USA, Se-Kure Controls has the ability to quickly prototype, test and release new products to meet the demands of the retail industry. Protecting merchandise on display from shoplifting is their key expertise and Roger Leydon, the founder and President, upholds this ethos in his company.

At the recent 50th Anniversary meeting of global distributors, held in Chicago, RTC were awarded for having been a Se-kure Controls distributor for the most amount of time.

At this meeting, brainstorming and development sessions are held, identifying trends in the retail landscape to develop solutions to secure merchandise that will require security solutions. RTC is proud to have such a strong relationship with our manufacturer. Se-Kure Controls, we congratulate you on your success.