• Secure

    We expertly provide retail store merchandise security anti-theft solutions to assist in loss prevention, help combat theft from shoplifting and allow merchandise to be displayed securely. Proven anti theft security devices providing you with confidence to display merchandise.

  • Display

    Interactive Displays that are both aesthetically pleasing and attractive to customers provide the potential to increase sales. Retailers need the competitive edge to have the most beautifully displayed store.

  • Charge Up

    Encourage customer interaction with charged up consumer electronic devices. Live merchandise attracts customers and encourages them to use products on display. Live devices help to increase sales!

Retail security devices. Display merchandise with stylish flair.

Have confidence in dealing with the leaders in the industry and the team with over 30 years experience.

Interview with our manufacturer Se-Kure Controls


  • Retail Theft Control for

    • Mobile Phones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Fashion
    • and more …
  • What we offer

    • Professional Service
    • Expert Advice
    • Quality and Broad Range of Products
    • Depth of experience securing retail displays
    • Innovative security for new merchandise
    • Custom solutions to achieve your goals
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