Tablets / iPads / eReaders

Tablets / iPads / eReaders

The versatility of tablet devices make it easy to show product information, demonstration videos and encourage interaction with customers.

Ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, kiosk displays, conferences, office foyers, art exhibitions and more.


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Tablet / iPad / eReader Security Solutions Brochure

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Vampire Grip
Engineered for zero theft

Vampire Grip is super strong and leaves your thief knowing they are out of luck stealing from you.

Your customer can select a tablet and staff can easily remove it for demonstration by a simple turn of a key.

Key Features

  • Extremely high security – engineered for zero theft.
  • Forged steel construction – prevents cut and run theft.
  • Adjustable grips to accomodate most tablet sizes.
  • Display is adjustable for ideal customer viewing angles.
  • Suitable for table or wall mounting.
  • Robust security key allows easy demonstration to customers.
  • Quick release system – release and total lock down in 6 seconds.
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Vantage II Post

Angled display post

  • Features

    • Vantage II post with alarm.
    • Magnetic cradle holds merchandise beautifully.
    • Display phone in portrait or landscape.
    • Ideal for displaying video and retail reels.
    • SK584W-3. 75mm high.
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    Acrylic Display Riser

    Solid acrylic display riser

    • Features

      • Ideal to display tablets, iPads, eReaders.
      • Elegantly display your merchandise.
      • Silicone edge to hold tablet in place.
      • Provides excellent height from display surface.
      • 145mm dia. 17mm high at front. 41mm high at back.
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      Coiled Cable Security

      Cost effective security

      • Features

        • Ideal to secure tablets.
        • SK1905 Cable – 10cm when coiled, stretches up to 1 metre.
        • SK1908 Cable – 15cm when coiled, stretches up to 1.5 metres.
        • Rectangular plug piece is 25mm x 50mm.
        • Great in retail environments, hotels, hospitals, trade shows and exhibitions.
        • Cables are built with hi-tensile stranded steel and plastic coated.
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        Cable Lock Box

        Robust physical security

        • Features

          • Secure tablets.
          • Multi-stranded high tensile steel cable.
          • Security plate adheres to the merchandise.
          • Lock box can protect up to 6 items.
          • Ideal for retail, shopping centres, exhibitions and conference displays.
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