GPS and Crash Cams

GPS and Crash Cams

Set up, secure, display and sell.

This category is experiencing a resurgence in popularity making it an opportunity for increasing sales. GPS devices and crash cams are very popular.

Display your merchandise with confidence.


Sensor and Nest

Alarmed display

  • Features

    • Display your GPS device, on a flat, angled or vertical display – allowing customer interaction.
    • Discreet security allows your GPS device to be the focus of attention.
    • Magnetic cradle holds merchandise so it is always displayed beautifully and in the correct display position.
    • System is alarmed and sounds when tampering or a theft attempt is detected on the security.
    • Recoiler ensures your GPS device is always up on the display wall and displayed.
    • Easy system to install, operate and maintain.
    • SKN985T-NP, SKN980, SK45-1212
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