Stylishly secure fashion merchandise.

Designer label fashion items are highly sought after by thieves.

Ideal to protect jackets, handbags, dresses and accessories.

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Cable Coat Lock System

Discreet display cabling system

  • Features

    • Discreet security cables can be used on handbags and jackets.
    • Simple and easy to use key lock system allows staff to show merchandise to customers easily.
    • Allows customer to try on jacket without risk of theft.
    • Heavy-gauge steel cable coat lock box with U-bolt attachment.
    • Adaptable to most store fixtures. Wall or rack-mounted.
    • SK302 or SK303 cables are 2.4 metres in length which allows customers to try the garment on.
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    Security Convex Mirrors

    Thieves don’t like to be seen – make them visible

    • Features

      • See behind display rackings in your store.
      • See a potential theft attempt before thieves actually steal your merchandise.
      • Sales team can easily see if there are customers requiring assistance.
      • Solidly constructed convex mirrors for maximum visibility in hidden spots of your store.
      • A highly effective visual deterrent for theft.
      • Sizes: 12, 18, 26, 36 inch diameters.
      • Mounting hardware included.
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