Versatile and easy to maintain digital camera anti-theft security display stand solutions

Digital cameras from compact cameras to digital SLR’s.

Developing your display for cameras can be a very complex task.

Our team really enjoys working with you to provide the ideal solution.

Digital camera retail security display stands and devices allowing you to secure and display seamlessly. Secure compact digital cameras to digital SLR’s, with our professional anti-theft security devices.

From retail displays to exhibitions, trade shows and conferences, we have solutions to display your digital cameras in a stylishly secure manner.

Contact us today so we can work with you to develop the ideal security solution for your display.

SK583-1.5HP Camera Display Post – Alarm Display

Camera beautifully displayed and can be picked up and put back in place with the magnetic cradle

  • SK583-1.5HP_1



  • Features

    • Attractive display security for your cameras.
    • Magnetic cradle holds merchandise so it is always displayed beautifully.
    • Anti-spin security bracket holds camera securely in place.
    • Security headed screw into camera plate screw hole for added security.
    • Any tampering with the alarm or inteference with the security display will sound the alarm to alert staff.
    • Mount SK583-1.5HP post using screws or security adhesive.
    • Red LED sensor light on post indicates display is armed.
    • Customers can easily pick up camera for increased interaction.





    Anti-Spin Security Bracket holds camera securely in place.

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Product code Description Notes
SK583-1.5HP 1.5 inch / 38mm High Camera Display Post Mount with screws or security adhesive.
Ask our team about the various alarm box configurations available


SK4410 – Recoiler with adjustable collar lasso – Tethering Display Security

Easy to maintain and highly visually appealing solutions

  • SK4410_camera_2


  • Features

    • The SK4410 recoiler with adjustable collar lasso allows you to display your digital cameras with confidence.
    • The discreet tethering security allows cameras to be picked up by customers and then neatly put back so it is always displayed beautifully.
    • The two silver adjustable collars on the recoiler cable enable you to form a loop around merchandise.
    • Silver adjustable collars operated by SKP100K security key.
    • Effortlessly attaches to products and is easily removed by staff.
    • SK4410 is ideal for retail displays, trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.


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Product code Description Notes
SK4410 Mini recoiler with adjustable collar lasso
Dimensions: (W x L x H) 44mm x 70mm x 22mm
Recoiler cable diameter: 1mm
Recoiler cable length: 1.2 metres
Easy for staff to install and maintain
SKP100K Security key to operate adjustable collar lasso
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