Types of Retail Security Devices

Types of Retail Store Security Devices

Variety of systems to provide retail store security

SK4445-1_phonesWith shoplifting and theft that retailers experience, it is vital to determine the ideal type of anti theft devices and anti theft security systems that best suits your display environment and the level of risk from theft that the merchandise represents, as well as it’s value. For example, a live mobile phone is at greater risk of theft than a kettle on display. However, you still seek to secure both types of merchandise.

There are a variety of shoplifting deterrents and anti shoplifting products. Theft from shoplifting costs retailers both profits and lost sales due to products not being on display to show customers the merchandise you have available.

Our team will help you determine the best type of retail store security device based on the environment you are displaying it in and the level of risk from theft it represents. Contact us to discuss your display requirements today.

Electronic (Alarmed) Security

In a retail store, if a theft attempt is made on your merchandise, staff can be alerted by an alarm sounding. This type of retail store security device is termed Electronic (Alarmed) Security. Typically, this style of system is used to protect higher valued merchandise, such as Mobile Phones, Tablets etc… These devices come in many different forms including alarm sensor cables and alarm display posts.

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Physical (Mechanical) Security

Physical or Mechanical devices are retail store security devices that tether the merchandise that is being protected. These devices allow merchandise to be secured and anchored. Devices in this category include mechanical recoilers, display cabling, and cable lock boxes. This type of security is a cost effective solution to securing merchandise you have displayed.

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General Security

As part of your loss prevention strategy it is important to consider general retail store security devices. These include devices such as convex mirrors and people annunciators. These devices complement other types of security devices in your store and provide extra layers of protection for your merchandise on display.

Convex mirrors help to open up your store so that you can clearly see areas that may have been hidden from view – and attractive to thieves!

The double lock cash box is a convenient and effective way of storing cash safely – awaiting staff authorised staff to collect the cash later. The cash box requires two different keys to be used at the same time to open it.

Contact our team to discuss how these retail security devices can work to benefit your business.

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