Security Adhesive

A truly remarkable product

Security adhesive forms a strong bond!

The security adhesive that is used with our security solutions, is truly a remarkable product.


Adhesive forms a strong bond. Attains maximum strength after 12 hours!

Security adhesive:
– Forms a strong adhesion to the surface it is applied to
– Attains maximum adhesion after 12 hours

Great for using to tether your merchandise.

When you do remove the security adhesive, it:
– Leaves no marking
– Leaves no residue!

A solution that is very important. Your merchandise is secured – but once the adhesive is removed – there is no marking or residue on your merchandise. Demo merchandise is then ready to sell!

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 Video – Security adhesive has strength!

It is important to keep your display surfaces looking clean and well presented.

When you use security adhesive – after you remove it – it leaves the surface clean and unmarked.

Importance of using a NEW ADHESIVE each time you change merchandise on display

When you are protecting your displayed merchandise it is important to use a new and correct security adhesive every time you swap merchandise on display.

First and foremost ALWAYS – be sure to clean the surfaces where you will be affixing the security adhesive with alco wipes and then clean dry with a paper towel. The reason for this is that it prepares the surface so as to achieve maximum adhesion.


If you are using security adhesive as part of a physical security solution, the new and correct adhesive:
– Ensures maximum adhesion is attained, between the display, security device and merchandise being protected
– When you remove the security adhesive, it won’t leave marks or residue on your merchandise or surfaces

If you are using security adhesive as part of an electronic alarm security solution, the new and correct adhesive:
– Ensures maximum adhesion is attained
– The adhesive is the correct thickness, to allow the alarm sensor pin to engage
– The adhesive has a pre cut hole in the correct position for the alarm sensor pin

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