We have a broad range of security products to help you achieve the optimum implementation of your loss prevention strategies.

Below is some further information for you to be inspired by how our solutions can complement your projects.

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  • What we offer you

    Company overview

    RTC - What we offer you

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    Find out more on what we offer all our customers. We work hard to be the premier supplier of retail merchandise security solutions and work with some of the biggest names in retail in Australia. We look forward to working with you and providing our professional services for you on your retail  and loss prevention projects.

  • Tablet / iPad / eReader Security Solutions Brochure

    A quick snapshot of some popular, cost effective solutions

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    We have a large variety of solutions. If you don’t find the one you are looking for in the above brochure, contact our friendly team to discuss the solution for you.

  • Mechanical Recoiler Brochure

    Mechanical Recoiler Security

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  • Headphone Brochure

    Headphone Security

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  • Apple Products Security Brochure

    Apple Products Security_RTC

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