Merchandise Wraps

Merchandise Wraps

Secure your floor stock that is on display in boxes.

merchandise wrap retail security box locksIn the retail environment of today, having more stock on display allows customers to quickly choose and buy your products.

Merchandise wraps allow you to protect your stock that is in boxes. The product information on the package can still be read whilst it is secured.

These retail box locks are easy for staff to install and maintain.

Speak with our professional team today about securing your merchandise that is in boxes with merchandise wraps that also gives you high standards of visual merchandising.


Merchandise Wraps

Solutions to secure your boxed merchandise whilst on display in store

  • merchandise wraps retail security box lock

    Versatile security to fit various sized boxed merchandise

    RE5090H Merchandise wrap – large

  • Features

    Display your floor stock with confidence

    • Fit security to boxed merchandise.
    • Merchandise is displayed for customers.
    • A simple to fit and remove box protection tag.
    • Works with most conventional detachers.
    • Self alarming, if tampered with emits an alarm.
    • Use with magnetic detacher to release merchandise from security.
    • Confidently display boxed stock that is protected.

    merchandise wrap retail box lock

    RE5136-B Merchandise wrap – small

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Product code Description Notes
RE5090H Merchandise wrap – self alarming – Large
Dimensions: 72mm diameter
Frequency: RF (8.2MHz) / AM (58kHz)

Colour: Black
Use for boxed stock to display in store
RE5136-B Merchandise wrap – self alarming – Small
Dimensions: 45mm diameter
Colour: Black
 Use for boxed stock to display in store
RE1200 Magnetic detacher for merchandise wrap  Use to remove merchandise wrap box lock