Mechanical Recoilers

Mechanical Recoilers

For low risk of theft items – an extremely useful range of mechanical recoilers.

SK4416_phone_1Retail Theft Control offers you a large range of non-alarmed recoilers (also known as retractors) that keep your merchandise safe and wires from view. The recoilers easily attach to any display counter or within any fixture. Mechanical recoilers are cost effective tethering retail store security devices and help keep displays both tidy and visually appealing. Each unique recoiling system pulls out easily and then retracts smoothly into place.

Each style of recoiler (retractor) can have a different end on the cable. There is a large variety of uses, such as displaying mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods, mp3 players, tablet devices and a broad range of other merchandise. The system is so versatile and simple to use. The ends could be an adjustable lasso, that you can loop onto merchandise, a round end piece with security adhesive to attach to merchandise and the possibilities are endless. They are ideal for displaying dummy mobile phones in your mobile phone store or kiosk and can be used for displays at trade shows, exhibitions and showrooms.

If you require some assistance or to discuss your stores, tradeshows or conference security requirements, please contact our friendly team on T: 02 9450 0166.

Choosing the recoiler to suit your needs, follow the below easy 2 steps.
1. Choose the cable end to suit your project.
2. Choose the size of the recoiler / retractor housing – that will fit your display.

Mechanical Recoiler Brochure

Mechanical Recoiler Security


 PDF Brochure (412 KB)

STEP 1. Choose the Cable End to suit your project.

Retractor available cable ends